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(Autographed Cover) DISC Version

Voiceveray's debut album VIBLE is set to change many lives for the better. Vibing with The Most High on a different level, Voiceveray shares roller coaster experiences of his spiritual journey giving revelations to listeners from a spiritual and natural realm perspective.

This project is meant for anyone regardless of belief, tradition, or background. Anyone thats been through highs and lows in life can relate. The messages these stories share will shed light on and or bring awareness to anyone that may or may not encountered the same or similar situations.

VIBLE will be the NEW Standard of spiritual breakthroughs, claimed affirmations, natural realm evolution, and sharpened discernment through musical talent! A work of art that's meant to uplift one another. This project is encouraged to be shared amongst the world enlightening soulful listeners. 


We are highly honored that you considered supporting VIBLE! 100% of proceeds are reinvested back into the brand to upgrade the quality of our music material, clothing creatives and overall standard of representing the word of God continuously.

Welcome to VIBLE!


Written, Co-Produced, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Voiceveray.

Executive Director DJ Blackout.

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