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WHO IS Voiceveray?

A upcoming musician from Columbus, OH on the rise!

He is not your typical musician. He specializes in Gospel Rap or clean positive music that represents the Lord &/or a good cause that will bring the community close together for Gods glory.

He is very versatile. Voiceveray may make Christian music, but the way that it is produced is phenomenal, with different genres of sound like R&B, Classic, Soul, Hip Hop, Rock, Country, Pop, Reggae, Hispanic Salsa, Japanese & many more! People tend to say he’s the one with the distinctive voice. That’s also why he has such a unfound, special name, “Voiceveray”. It means

(Voice Shedding Everlasting Rays Of Light)

He just started his Christian rap career early 2019 and had a few Christian songs released the prior year which were saved in his vault. Now he’s showing more consistency with releasing hit singles such as 

Breakout, Transition, Holy Ghost, Shimmer and more. He’s featured in interviews & has his music spinning on radio stations like SpotifyiHeartRadio, Pandora and more. Touring in and out of state to perform for youthful events and for fellowshipping & ministering to those who may be spiritually lost, misguided or maybe on the right track but still yearning for a better connection with God!

He’s on YouTube, verified as an official musician with 4K music video quality! He’s also verified on GoogleFacebookSpotify, Soundcloud, as well as being distributed out to all

Music Streaming Platforms!

That’s not all, Voiceveray is also a Audio Engineer who engineers himself in his own studio titled,

Voices Choices Studios.

He does anything from recording, engineering all his music, mixing and mastering the sound quality for a “Premium Quality Sound”. Now back making his own beats in 2020. He also has clients who are Christian, or on the verge of becoming more christ-like and seeking God, that make clean music and come to the studio to record for a reasonable price. He turned away from all secular music & ways of living, so he no longer engineers or won’t settle for any dollar amount to have anything to do with any ungodly music again.

Every special effect from his engineer tag #VoicesChoices that you’ll hear if he produced, engineered, mixed, mastered the song or if he’s on the song as well. Effects like shuffling the instrumental, vocal stutters, and any other dynamic editing is all done by the mind and choices of Voiceveray.