About Us


Here at Voices Choices Studios, our foundation is built upon working with musicians, vocalist, instrumentalists & more to glorify the kingdom of the Most High God! We serve Christ and use our blessings from above through music as a vessel to spiritually help lost souls and individuals that have already came to Christ, further their career with professional audio.


Our long-term goal is to bless many like you, with the opportunity of sound like no other, that takes your career beyond measures, allowing millions of souls to be spiritually touched & awoken! As we are spiritually planting seeds amongst millions around the world, we are honored to enlighten those who may not know of the gospel through ministering the word, sharing your testimonies & revelations through your music with our services.


Apple Mac Desktop

Lewitt LCT 940 Authentica Mic & Preamp

Yamaha HS8 Studio Monitors

Apollo Twin Quad Core Interface

Audio Teknika MX70s Headphones

 Avid ProTools 2020 Unlimited (DAW)


  • Antares
  • Waves
  • AIR
  • & many more...

 Image Line FL Studio 2020 (DAW)


  • Sakura
  • Poizone
  • Sytrus
  • & many more...

We are dedicated to provide you with the best experience. We strive for nothing but less than the best of perfection for your audio to bring you “Premium Quality Sound”.



We have luxury attire that also represents the brand in style! Our apparel features shirts, hats, masks & even joggers! If you’re a real supporter, you can’t go wrong with wearing our latest drip. Models, Brand Ambassadors & those that are interested to further represent our brand, feel free to contact us at Info@VoicesChoicesStudios.com if you strongly believe you or someone you know would be a good candidate, as we are willing to do cross branding for certain brands!

Thank you for your support!



We only work with Gospel, Christian, Holy, or Non-Explicit/Secular music that glorifies The Most High God & DOES NOT glorify any sinful nature according to the Holy Bible. If you know your music is secular and does not glorify the Lord, please do not send your music for our services, as your request will be declined. We do not negotiate any dollar amount to represent any sort of music that doesn’t fit within our guidelines. Making music about the sinful nature of your lifestyle as part of your testimony in a biblical way, is accepted. Your music will be monitored to ensure qualification according to our guidelines.