US Reporter 30 Under 30

US Reporter 30 Under 30

  Voiceveray is an independent gospel artist from Columbus, Ohio, who has a very distinctive sound like no other. The young disciple rising with followers totaling over 25,000 supporters across all social media. He’s seen on ABC, LA Wire, New York Weekly, Chicago Journal, E Monthly News, and more. He’s only at the young age of 24 and the CEO of his label called Voices Choices Studios. This luxury brand provides audio engineering, mixing, and mastering services for gospel artists alike needing “Premium Quality Sound.” This powerhouse also features merchandise from face masks, which he had dozens of orders that sold out in the first three days! Since then, he’s added hats, shirts, and joggers to the collection! Check out his most recent project called Tales of Mother. The project was made in honor of his mother passing away and was released last May on Mother’s Day. Voiceveray wrote, engineered, mixed, and mastered this whole project himself. 

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