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  Voiceveray is an independent music artist hailing from Columbus, Ohio. He is not the typical rapper as this artist specializes in gospel rap and clean, positive music. He has a strong dedication to creating sounds that will spiritually touch and awaken listeners. He also possesses a unique and versatile sound while touching on different genres, including R&B, soul, rock, country, pop, reggae, and more. The talented musician is skilled in mixing, mastering, and engineering music. He established Voices Choices Studios, which caters to gospel musicians. His music label strives to provide high-quality music that leaves a lasting impact on the listeners.

"Here at Voices Choices Studios, our foundation is built upon working with musicians, vocalists, instrumentalists, and more to glorify the kingdom of the most high God," says the talented artist. Voiceveray emphasizes that he and his fellow artists are using music as a vessel to serve Christ and help guide lost souls in their path toward serving God and furthering their career through professional audio services.

The rap star has dropped several impressive singles, including Holy Ghost, Transition, Shimmer, and Break Out, among others. The latest project he released last May was Tales of Mother, an EP tribute featuring four tracks specially made for his beloved mother, who has rested in peace. Voiceveray has been featured in several major publications, interviews, and radio stations, including ABC, New York Weekly, Yahoo Finance, US Reporter's 30 Under 30, LA WIRE, Chicago Journal, E Monthly News, Music Observer, Music Industry Weekly, Portland News, iHeartRadio, Pandora, Spotify Radio, and much more. Besides working on his music and Voices Choices Studios, he also performs in youth events for fellowships.

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